jueves, 24 de abril de 2014

Our trip to Guildford in the newspaper.

After the Spanish student's trip to Guildford from the 24th to the 28th of March we had a meeting with a journalist from the DIARIO PALENTINO. We told her everything about our trip and this was the final article she published on Sunday the 13th of April. 

8th of March: International Woman's Day at Colegio San Gregorio (Aguilar de Campoo)

As a part of our e-Twinning project we also celebrate the International Woman's Day at San Gregorio. This day we also have Our Open House Day, so our classes were decorated with woman silhouettes dressed depending on the concrete topic of the class (journalist, related with health, inmigrants, related with music....)

Here you can see some pictures about this day. 

And also we were working at English lessons about woman. We turned ourselves into SPORT JOURNALIST and we were talking about FAMOUS SPORTWOMEN. Here you can see how our teachers told us about the activity in their blogs. 

Here you can see the final products we have done for this activity: