martes, 24 de septiembre de 2013


Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny nr 3 im. Jana Pawła II
Rybnick, Poland

A suburban community where people are very involved in the school’s development.

The environment our students come from is pretty diverse - from students who are doing pretty well (having stabilised family and material background, with no educational problems) to few pupils whose parents live on the edge of poverty (pathological families or raised by one parent only). We also have pupils with some learning difficulties. We strongly believe our project will develop students' language, mathematical and ICT skills and broaden the knowledge about Europe, different countries and nations. Since a lot of pupils don’t have a chance to go abroad, we strongly believe that this kind of projects will finally make it possible.

Guildford, England

We are a state funded Church of England junior school in the centre of Guildford and have recently embarked on a Hard Federation with Pewley Down Infant School, who will therefore be fully involved in the project.  We have a higher than average number of children with special educational needs.  We aim to take a full part in the project, with as many children as possible to be involved and to give the opportunity to a range of staff or governors to visit partner countries.  We have experience of previous Comenius projects and also have the full International School Award so are fully committed to global education and creating meaningful links with partner schools.  

Aguilar de Campoo, Spain
San Gregorio school is placed in the north of Spain. Our town is called Aguilar de Campoo, its population is about 7.000 habitants, most of them work in the two important biscuits factories. The sourrounding area is really beautiful from the natural and enviromental point of view.
About the school, we have three sections: Infant, Primary and High school. In Primary school we are about 240 students and 16 teachers. Among our students we have some emigrants from different countries: Paraguay, Romania and China. We also have a Bilingual section, we teach Science and Arts & Crafts through English as well as we teach English languages lessons. Our educational philosophy is "to work with the last ones in our society", so we have some students with specific educacional need, and another ones also with specific social needs.
Our main aim to join in this project is to develop the European atmosphere in our pupils, families, teachers and in the local area. Also we also hope to develop the languages skills in our school community.


Explanation of the project:
"CELEBRATING TOGETHER” is a new e-Twinning project. In this project there are three European schools: Holy Trinity School (England), Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny nr 3 im. Jana Pawła II (Poland) and Colegio San Gregorio (Spain). During the whole school year we intend to celebrate different international  days. Our aim with this project is to create an open minded school, to broaden our school walls and horizons and to create a new kind of school in which the global society will exist and thrive. We try to improve our students’ language and use of ICT and to make stronger the relationship created in our last Comenius Project.  An e-Twinning project is a new opportunity for our three schools to continue growing together"

“CELEBRATING TOGETHER” es un nuevo proyecto e-Twinning. En este proyecto trabajarán juntos tres colegios europeos: Holy Trinity School (Inglaterra), Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny nr 3 im. Jana Pawła II (Polonia), y el Colegio San Gregorio. Durante todo el curso escolar pretendemos celebrar diferentes días internaciones. Nuestro objetivo con este proyecto es crear una escuela de mente abierta, ensanchar las paredes y los horizontes de nuestros colegios y crear un nuevo tipo de colegio en los cuales la sociedad global exista y se desarrolle. Tratamos de mejorar las destrezas lingüísticas y TIC de nuestros alumnos y afianzar la relación creada gracias a nuestro último proyecto Comenius. Un proyecto e-Twinning es una nueva  oportunidad  para nuestros tres colegios de continuar creciendo juntos.

“Celebrating together” to nowy project w ramach programu e-Twinning. W projekt zaangażowane są trzy europejskie szkoły: Holy Trinity School (Guildford - Anglia), Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny nr 3 im. Jana Pawła II (Rybnik - Polska) i Colegio San Gregorio (Aguilar de Campoo - Hiszpania). Podczas całego roku szkolnego świętować będziemy różne dni i uroczystości międzynarodowe. Poprzez realizację projektu na celu mamy stworzenie szkoły otwartej na świat i ciekawej świata – chcemy stworzyć szkołę, której ważnym elementem stanie się społeczeństwo globalne. Priorytetem stanie się podniesienie kompetencji językowych uczniów oraz ich umiejętności w zakresie TIK. Chcemy również zacieśnić znajomości zawarte podczas realizacji projektu Comenius. Projekt e-Twinning daje nam szansę na wspólny rozwój.